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Are you are looking for another ways to monetize internet using cryptocurrencies?

You might have heard about bitcoin and as of writing this article, bitcoin price is around $7,000.

“Seriously $7,000???” Yeah I heard you. And for most people, its too expensive.

It’s not an accident that you are here in my website, reading this article. I personally do not know you but if you’re a newbie or an expert, you’re probably looking for another way to accumulate bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies even if you have “ZERO” capital.

But wait! This time, we’re not going to talk about cryptocurrency trading or investing. But instead, I am going to share with you on how you are going to earn cryptocurrencies specially bitcoin using referral programs.

Below, these are the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges that I personally use and you can also use these exchanges to trade different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin and more, and earn bitcoins through referring your friends to also use these platforms.

  1. Binance - is the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform started in Japan last 2017. Currently, it has more than 8Million registered users. They’re known for its low trading fees (0.1%) as well as its fast transaction processing. Binance is also one of the most popular exchanges because of its large selection of different cryptocurrencies including their own cryptocurrency, Binance (BNB). They have a referral program which pays you up to 40% bonus per trade made by your referrals. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  2. Huobi - originally founded in China but their headquarter is now base in Singapore. Huobi is the world’s 3rd largest cryptocurrency trading exchange. Huobi’s trading fees is (0.2%) with a 30% cashback bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  3. Kucoin - is a cryptocurrency trading exchange based in HongKong, China. The exchange was launched last 2017.  Like Binance, they also launched their own cryptocurrency called KuCoin Shares (KCS). Kucoin trading fee is (0.1%) and offers a 20% referral bonus cashback. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  4. Abra - is a global cryptocurrency application that allows you to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using more than 50 different fiat currencies. The platform is founded in California last 2014. Unlike these other trading exchanges, abra operates using an application. Abra offers a 10$ referral commissions as their referral program and offers 0% charge fees on currency exchanges, but does generate exchange rate income on the spread between different currencies. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  5. HitBTC - started way back 2013 in Europe but their official website address is in Hong Kong. HitBtc only let users to trade bitcoin but later on, they started allowing their users to trade different cryptocurrencies like ethereum, dash, likecoin, monero and more than 300 different cryptocurrencies. Like other exchanges, they also promises to be safe and secure. HitBtc offers (0.1%) trading fees and make a commission from users you have engage up to 75% bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  6. Remitano - is a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform started last 2016 where users can sell and buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for fiat currencies directly between themselves using an escrow service. They offers an e-wallet service that can be use to transfer funds internationally. Remitano offers a 1% fee for the market taker and 0% to the market maker. Their referral program is quite different compare to the other exchanges because they offer a 0.01BTC reward for every sign up. But take note for this, your friend need to trade a total of at least 2BTC (both buying and selling) in order for you to receive your bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  7. Cryptopia - is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2014 which allows trading multiple digital assets (altcoins), just like Binance and other trading platforms. Cryptopia is based in New Zealand. Their platform trades in over 400+ different cryptocurrencies with (0.2%) trading fees. Cryptopia offers a 10% cashback bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  8. Gate - is a cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2017 and the company is base in US. They offers a hassle free access to number of hard to find cryptocurrencies that are coming up in the market. Gate trading fees is (0.2%) and users receive a 30% trading fee commissions made by their referrals. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  9. Livecoin - is a modern, safe Trading Platform for accessing cryptocurrency exchange markets and they promise to have a very simple interface and low trading fees. They started in 2013 in London, UK and their server is based in Metairie Louisiana, US. Currently livecoin trading fees starts from (0.18%) down to (0.02%) depending on your volume that you make on a monthly basis. They offer a 10% up to 50% a cashback bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  10. Coinbase - is one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchange and also digital currency wallet provider founded in 2017 in California that operates in 30 different countries. If you are a buyer, fees are added to the amount entered to arrive at the total for the order. For example, if you enter $100 USD as the amount of BTC to buy, and the fee is 1.49%, your total will be $101.49. That total will be charged to your payment method and you will receive $100 worth of BTC. And if you are a seller, fees are subtracted from the amount entered to arrive at the total. For example, if you enter $100 USD as the amount of BTC to sell, and the fee is 1.49%, your total will be $98.51. $100 Worth of BTC will be removed from your Coinbase account and $98.51 will be credited to the selected payment method. Coinbase offers a $10 commission for every new sign-up. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.

About the Author

Jonathan Tinoco is an educator, a trainer, a public speaker, a cryptocurrency advocate and investor whose advocacy is people empowerment and wealth creation.