Sep 07

When I first went to Hong Kong last 2015 and look for those people who's into cryptocurrency trading and investing, I didn't get any chance to meet some people who's in the same industry.

But now, I'm amazed to see that the people who believe in this technology is growing.

While having a short vacation in Hong Kong, we accidentally saw this crypto hub named Genesis Block in Wanchai along Hennessy Road.


We we're surprised to what we saw inside.

These are the photos at the main entrance.

If you look up, you will see this crypto ceiling design.

In the second floor you will see these 4 crypto atm machines (Ethereum, Bitcoin and BitcoinCash) where people can buy cryptocurrencies particularly bitcoin using fiat currencies (HKD and USD) with an 8% charge.

Here's the reception desk. And here you can buy or sell bitcoins via OTC.

They have this product called Tangem, a smart banknote associated with chips or they call it a "physical bitcoin" where you can send and store your bitcoins in a physical wallet and use it to pay any merchants, trade p2p, and can be your physical crypto wallet.

They also have these crypto accessories like rings and earrings.

This hub also sells ledgers like Nano Ledger, Trezor 1 and the Trezor 2.

Everything here inside are cryptocurrencies. They also have a function room  where they conduct seminars about cryptocurrency and about blockchain technology on a weekly and even on a daily basis. You can rent their facilities, 2hrs for 3000HKD

You can check their schedules here on their Facebook fan page. 

But talking to the people who works in the hub named Clement, I was inspired when I ask him the reason why they created this hub, "Its a place that people can use to learn to connect, and to be aware of what's happening in our financial system, that the knowledge that people could get here could set them financially free and it can change people's lives."


About the Author

Jonathan Tinoco is an educator, a trainer, a public speaker, a cryptocurrency advocate and investor whose advocacy is people empowerment and wealth creation.