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Jonathan Tinoco is an educator, a trainer, a public speaker, a cryptocurrency advocate and investor whose advocacy is people empowerment and wealth creation.

Sep 07

Look what we found inside this CryptoHub in HongKong

By Jonathan Tinoco | Cryptocurrency , English Blogs

When I first went to Hong Kong last 2015 and look for those people who's into cryptocurrency trading and investing, I didn't get any chance to meet some people who's in the same industry.

But now, I'm amazed to see that the people who believe in this technology is growing.

While having a short vacation in Hong Kong, we accidentally saw this crypto hub named Genesis Block in Wanchai along Hennessy Road.


We we're surprised to what we saw inside.

These are the photos at the main entrance.

If you look up, you will see this crypto ceiling design.

In the second floor you will see these 4 crypto atm machines (Ethereum, Bitcoin and BitcoinCash) where people can buy cryptocurrencies particularly bitcoin using fiat currencies (HKD and USD) with an 8% charge.

Here's the reception desk. And here you can buy or sell bitcoins via OTC.

They have this product called Tangem, a smart banknote associated with chips or they call it a "physical bitcoin" where you can send and store your bitcoins in a physical wallet and use it to pay any merchants, trade p2p, and can be your physical crypto wallet.

They also have these crypto accessories like rings and earrings.

This hub also sells ledgers like Nano Ledger, Trezor 1 and the Trezor 2.

Everything here inside are cryptocurrencies. They also have a function room  where they conduct seminars about cryptocurrency and about blockchain technology on a weekly and even on a daily basis. You can rent their facilities, 2hrs for 3000HKD

You can check their schedules here on their Facebook fan page. 

But talking to the people who works in the hub named Clement, I was inspired when I ask him the reason why they created this hub, "Its a place that people can use to learn to connect, and to be aware of what's happening in our financial system, that the knowledge that people could get here could set them financially free and it can change people's lives."

Sep 02

Hangang Saan Aabot ang 10,000 Pesos Mo?

By Jonathan Tinoco | Cryptocurrency , Filipino Blogs

Hangang Saan Aabot ang 10,000 Pesos Mo?

Q: “Hanggang saan aabot ang P10,000 mo?”

Kung meron kang 100,000 PHP at nilagay mo sa Bitcoin at iba pang uri ng cryptocurrencies, ganito ang kinita mo sa loob ng isang taon simula Enero 1, 2017 hangang Enero 1, 2018

Symbol: Bitcoin (BTC)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P50,811.10
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P697,199.10
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 1,272.13%
Total Profit : P127,213.00

Symbol: Ethereum (ETH)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P422.94
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P32,326.00
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 7,543.16%
Total Profit: P764,316.45

Symbol: Ripple (XRP)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P0.335702
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P32,326.00
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 33,843.80%
Total Profit: P3,394,379.54

Symbol: Monero (XMR)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P711.26
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P17,859.94
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 2,416.09% 
Total Profit: P251,102.83

Symbol: Dash (DASH)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P580.88
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P53,878.21
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 9,175.27% 
Total Profit: P927,527.37

Symbol: NEM (XEM)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P0.18073
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P53
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 29,225.51% 
Total Profit: P2,932,551.32

Symbol: Litecoin (LTC)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P229.49
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P11,776.6
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 5,031.64% 
Total Profit: P513,163.97

Symbol: NEO (NEO)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P7.40
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P3,854.16
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 51,983.24% 
Total Profit: P5,208,324.32

Symbol: Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P0.1288
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P19.10
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 14,731.03% 
Total Profit: P1,481,998.35

Symbol: Zcash (ZEC)

Jan. 1, 207 Price : P2,540.82
Jan. 1, 208 Price : P25,935.02
Allocated Fund : P10,000.00
Percentage Gained in 1 year : 920.73% 
Total Profit: P102,073.42

Sep 02

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Referral Programs

By Jonathan Tinoco | Cryptocurrency , English Blogs

Are you are looking for another ways to monetize internet using cryptocurrencies?

You might have heard about bitcoin and as of writing this article, bitcoin price is around $7,000.

“Seriously $7,000???” Yeah I heard you. And for most people, its too expensive.

It’s not an accident that you are here in my website, reading this article. I personally do not know you but if you’re a newbie or an expert, you’re probably looking for another way to accumulate bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies even if you have “ZERO” capital.

But wait! This time, we’re not going to talk about cryptocurrency trading or investing. But instead, I am going to share with you on how you are going to earn cryptocurrencies specially bitcoin using referral programs.

Below, these are the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges that I personally use and you can also use these exchanges to trade different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin and more, and earn bitcoins through referring your friends to also use these platforms.

  1. Binance - is the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform started in Japan last 2017. Currently, it has more than 8Million registered users. They’re known for its low trading fees (0.1%) as well as its fast transaction processing. Binance is also one of the most popular exchanges because of its large selection of different cryptocurrencies including their own cryptocurrency, Binance (BNB). They have a referral program which pays you up to 40% bonus per trade made by your referrals. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  2. Huobi - originally founded in China but their headquarter is now base in Singapore. Huobi is the world’s 3rd largest cryptocurrency trading exchange. Huobi’s trading fees is (0.2%) with a 30% cashback bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  3. Kucoin - is a cryptocurrency trading exchange based in HongKong, China. The exchange was launched last 2017.  Like Binance, they also launched their own cryptocurrency called KuCoin Shares (KCS). Kucoin trading fee is (0.1%) and offers a 20% referral bonus cashback. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  4. Abra - is a global cryptocurrency application that allows you to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using more than 50 different fiat currencies. The platform is founded in California last 2014. Unlike these other trading exchanges, abra operates using an application. Abra offers a 10$ referral commissions as their referral program and offers 0% charge fees on currency exchanges, but does generate exchange rate income on the spread between different currencies. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  5. HitBTC - started way back 2013 in Europe but their official website address is in Hong Kong. HitBtc only let users to trade bitcoin but later on, they started allowing their users to trade different cryptocurrencies like ethereum, dash, likecoin, monero and more than 300 different cryptocurrencies. Like other exchanges, they also promises to be safe and secure. HitBtc offers (0.1%) trading fees and make a commission from users you have engage up to 75% bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  6. Remitano - is a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform started last 2016 where users can sell and buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for fiat currencies directly between themselves using an escrow service. They offers an e-wallet service that can be use to transfer funds internationally. Remitano offers a 1% fee for the market taker and 0% to the market maker. Their referral program is quite different compare to the other exchanges because they offer a 0.01BTC reward for every sign up. But take note for this, your friend need to trade a total of at least 2BTC (both buying and selling) in order for you to receive your bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  7. Cryptopia - is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2014 which allows trading multiple digital assets (altcoins), just like Binance and other trading platforms. Cryptopia is based in New Zealand. Their platform trades in over 400+ different cryptocurrencies with (0.2%) trading fees. Cryptopia offers a 10% cashback bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  8. Gate - is a cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2017 and the company is base in US. They offers a hassle free access to number of hard to find cryptocurrencies that are coming up in the market. Gate trading fees is (0.2%) and users receive a 30% trading fee commissions made by their referrals. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  9. Livecoin - is a modern, safe Trading Platform for accessing cryptocurrency exchange markets and they promise to have a very simple interface and low trading fees. They started in 2013 in London, UK and their server is based in Metairie Louisiana, US. Currently livecoin trading fees starts from (0.18%) down to (0.02%) depending on your volume that you make on a monthly basis. They offer a 10% up to 50% a cashback bonus. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
  10. Coinbase - is one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchange and also digital currency wallet provider founded in 2017 in California that operates in 30 different countries. If you are a buyer, fees are added to the amount entered to arrive at the total for the order. For example, if you enter $100 USD as the amount of BTC to buy, and the fee is 1.49%, your total will be $101.49. That total will be charged to your payment method and you will receive $100 worth of BTC. And if you are a seller, fees are subtracted from the amount entered to arrive at the total. For example, if you enter $100 USD as the amount of BTC to sell, and the fee is 1.49%, your total will be $98.51. $100 Worth of BTC will be removed from your Coinbase account and $98.51 will be credited to the selected payment method. Coinbase offers a $10 commission for every new sign-up. Click HERE to sign up for FREE.
Aug 28

Top 4 Crypto Platforms Kung Saan Makakabili ng Bitcoin through Credit or Debit Cards

By Jonathan Tinoco | Cryptocurrency

Top 4 Crypto Platforms Kung Saan Makakabili ng Bitcoin through Credit or Debit Cards



Ang coinmama ay isa sa platform na pede mong gamitin ang iyong debit/credit card – VISA or MasterCard para makabili ng bitcoins at iba pang cryptocurrencies. Iba pang detalye kaukulan sa coinmama:

– Country of Origin: Israel


– Credit Charge/Fees: 5% to 6%

– Minimum Amount to Buy: 3,200 PHP Daily

– Maximum Amount to Buy: 267,000 PHP Daily

– Iba pang cryptocurrencies na pwedeng mabili gamit ang credit card: Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, QTUM, Ethereum Classic

– Isa pa sa alternatibong pedeng gamitin na platform upang ikaw ay makabili ng Bitcoins at iba pang cryptocurrencies ay ang Mabusisi ang KYC o ang tinatawag na Know your Customer o ang pagproseso ng iyong personal na inpormasyon upang tumaas ang iyong buying limits sa platform. Karagdagang detalye ay makikita sa ibaba:

– Country of Origin: United Kingdom

– Website:

– Credit Charge/Fees: 3.5%

– Minimum Amount to Buy: 15,000 PHP Daily

– Maximum Amount to Buy: 27,000 PHP Daily

– Iba pang cryptocurrencies na pwedeng mabili gamit ang credit card: Ethereum, DASH



– Isa sa mga platforms na pedeng bumili ng bitcoin gamit ng maraming payment methods katulad ng credit or debit card. Isa sa pinakamababa ang fees. Karagdagang detalye ay makikita sa ibaba:

– Country of Origin: United States

– Website:

– Credit Card Buyers Fee: 0%

– Credit Card Sellers Fee: 1%

– Minimum Amount to Buy: 350 PHP Daily

– Maximum Amount to Buy: Unlimited- Iba pang cryptocurrencies na pwedeng mabili gamit ang credit card: Bitcoin Only



– Kailangan ng seller sa iyong bansa at available ang credit or debit card option upang makabili ng bitcoin. Isa rin sa mababa ang fees, iba pang detalye ay makikita sa ibaba

– Country of Origin: ​Finland

– Website: https://​

– Credi​t/Debit Card Fees: 1%

– Minimum Amount to Buy: ​Unlimited

– Maximum Amount to Buy: Unlimited

– Iba pang cryptocurrencies na pwedeng mabili gamit ang credit card: Bitcoin Only

Jun 26

SCAM ba ang Bitcoin? – Alaming ang Katotohanan

By Jonathan Tinoco | Cryptocurrency , Filipino Blogs

Nitong mga nakaraang araw, sunod-sunod ang mga balita at mga katanungan kaugnay sa patuloy na pagbagsak ng merkado ng cryptocurrency.

Marami ang natatakot na baka bumagsak ang presyo nito sa ZERO o di kaya ay maglaho itong parang bula.

Isa sa nakikita naming dahilan kung bakit tumataas ang bilang ng mga taong natatakot na pumasok sa cryptocurrency hindi dahil sa bago ito, hindi dahil sa mataas ang presyo nito, kundi dahil sa pagtaas ng bilang ng mga KRIMEN at kaliwa’t kanang SCAMS na kung saan nagagamit ang bitcoin sa mga modus at mga ilegal na transactions.

Maging nitong nakaraang Disyembre 2017, dahil sa pagbulusok ng merkado ng cryptocurrency, marami ang nagkaroon ng pagkakataong kumita nang malaki na kung saan naging usap-usapan ito at naging dahilan nang pagtangkilik ng publiko na pasukin ito nang walang pagsisiyasat at pag aaral. Ngunit matapos ang ilang mga buwan, dahilan sa maling pagkakaintindi ng nakararami, marami rin ang nalugi dito.

Kaya naman, narito ang ilang mga payo at gabay bago mo pasukin ang industriya ng cryptocurrency nang sa gayon ay maging matagumpay at makaiwas sa mga SCAMS:

1. ARALING MAIGI ANG INDUSTRIYA NG CRYPTOCURRENCY – Siguraduhing naiintihan mo ito bago mo tuluyang pasukin hindi dahil sa nasilaw ka sa malaking kitaan kundi dahil naiintindihan mo at alam mo ang stratehiyang iyong dapat na gagamitin sa pagpasok mo dito.

Siguraduhin rin na alam mo ang mga pundasyon nito kasama na rin dito kung papaano gumawa at magbukas ng sariling bitcoin wallet, kung saan nakakabili ng bitcoin, saan mo dapat itabi upang maging secure ang iyong mga cryptocurrencies, at iba pang mahahalagang kasangkasapan nito.

2. BALANSIHEN ANG MGA POSITIBO AT NEGATIBONG MGA BALITA – Dahilan sa paglaganap ng mga ilegal na mga gawain at scams na kung saan naging sangkot ang bitcoin at iba pang cryptocurrencies, dumarami ang nagiging negatibo ang pananaw dito.

Bago maniwala sa mga balitang lumalabas sa social media, telebisyon at radyo, tanungin muna ang iyong sarili kung ito bang balitang ito ay pawang katotohanan o sadyang nagbibigay ng maling impormasyon lamang.

Tandaan na hindi lahat ng balitang lumalabas at ipinapakita sa telebisyon ay purong katotohanan. Kaya para malaman mo mismo kung ito ba ay tama, gumawa ng personal research kaugnay dito nang sa gayon ay hindi ka maging biktima ng tinatawag na “SOCIAL CONDITIONING” o “HERD MENTALITY” na kung saan sumasang-ayon na lamang tayo sa isang bagay na hindi natin naiintindihan at walang kasiguraduhan dahil mas marami ang naniniwala dito.

3. UMIWAS SA MGA “GET RICH QUICK SCHEME” programs/concepts – Dahil sa pag-ingay ng bitcoin, maraming tao ang sinamantala ang kasikatan nito na naging dahilan upang makapanlamang at makapanloko ng maraming tao.

Upang maiwasan na mabiktima ng iba’t ibang uri ng scam nang sa gayon ay hindi masayang at mawala na parang bula ang iyong pinaghirapang salapi, kung may mga taong mag-ooffer sa iyo ng mabilisang kitaan gamit ang bitcoin kagaya ng mga programang, “Double your money in 15 days.”, “10% – 20% guaranteed monthly income.”, “5% weekly return/interest.”, at iba pang “Fraud Marketing Schemes/Programs”, mabilis na umiwas sa mga ganitong klaseng programa.

Unang dahilan, hindi araw-araw ay tumataas ang value ng bitcoin kaya hindi maaaring i-guarantee ng isang indibidwal o organisasyon ang kasiguraduhang pagbibigay ng fix-income or guaranteed interest sa mga nagiging biktima nito.

At ikalawa, hindi pa ba nadadala ang publiko sa ganitong klaseng mga programa na paulit-uli na lumalaganap sa buong panig ng bansa? Marami na ang gumawa at pumasok sa mga ganitong klaseng programa, ngunit palagi pa rin na nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Nawa’y maging leksyon at maging aral sa atin ang mga naunang tumangkilik dito na umuwing luhaan at naubos ang pinaghirapan.

4. SUMANGUNI SA MGA EKSPERTO AT SA MGA NAKAKAALAM – “Ang pagkalap ng tamang karunungan upang maging matagumpay ay nasa iyong mga kamay.”

Upang maging matagumpay at nang sa gayon ay hindi maging isang biktima, mag-aral, mag aral, at mag-aral. Libre na ang internet kahit saan ka man magpunta kaya maaari mo nang makita ang lahat ng iyong gustong malaman sa isang pindot lamang.

Marami na rin ang mga organisayong tumutulong upang makapagbigay at makapagpalaganap nang financial literacy sa publiko at maging tungkol sa blockchain at bitcoin kayaga ng The Global Filipino Investors, at mga financial gurus/coaches kagaya nila Chinkee TanFrancisco ColaycoJohn Calub,Robert Kiyosaki at iba pa.

Maging mapanuri at alerto sa mga impormasyong natatanggap at nakikita natin sa araw-araw. Sa huli, tayo pa rin ang magdedesisyon at gagawa ng daan patungo sa ating tagumpay.

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