Jonathan Tinoco was Born on October 19, 1991. He is the eldest of 4 children in their family. His father died in 1995 when he was 4. Being the eldest in their family, Jonathan was brought up with the belief that he should now assume the role of father in their family to help his mother who was now a single mom.

Jonathan’s mom was a very clever woman. Knowing that she needed to support 2 sons and 2 daughters, she opened up a buy and sell clothing shop way back in 1997. She also started to sell food supplements like organic coffees, juices and other health products. Jonathan didn’t know that her mom was very good in selling until he saw her doing it. She’s a very persuasive woman and she can instantly attract customers within a 3-minute conversation. He saw all her selling skills and abilities. She can sell everything that she had with her.

It was the Year 1998 and Jonathan asked his mom if he can also sell so he can buy his own toys and food. That was his only motivation that’s why he wanted to sell. So his mom gave him a box of coffee. It was his first product to sell. Jonathan didn’t know how he’s going to sell it but all he know is that it’s a coffee, and its price. Jonathan first approached his relatives and luckily, they’re all buying not because of the product, but because he’s a cute little boy. He started knocking on all the doors in their neighborhood and they’re also buying not because of the product, but because of a little kid selling a product to them. The box of coffee cost P300 ($6) and for every box, his profit is P100 ($2). Then eventually Jonathan realized that if this will happen everyday and If he sell 10 boxes a day, he’s going to be one of the richest kids in the world. That’s a P1000 ($20) profit a day! Way back in 1998, it was huge money.

A company doctor, who was also part  of that company noticed what he was doing. He was very active in radio so he featured Jonathan at RMN Manila Radio Station as the “Youngest Entrepreneur”.

Moving forward, when he was an elementary student, he had to stop selling as he needed to focus on his schooling since his Auntie from Japan who supported all his needs wanted him to become an honor student. He graduated in elementary way back 2005 and he graduated in high school in 2008 and got into college the same year.

Year 2009, he stopped schooling due to the 2008-09 financial crisis. So he worked as an employee at McDonalds. While working, one of his co-workers invited him to a network marketing seminar. Jonathan was inspired by the speakers specially by those top achievers and he thought that he can also achieve the same reward. So he joined the company and few months after, Jonathan decided to quit his job knowing that he cannot achieve the dreams that he wanted.

From 2009 - 2011, he worked so hard, attended the team buildings and all the trainings and seminars traveling from San Pedro Laguna to Ortigas Pasig weekly, and unluckily, for 2 years, nothing happened. Jonathan didn’t stop, and quitting was not his option. He continued his journey talking to more people, doing prospecting day and night, giving flyers wherever he go and approaching strangers to sell his products and recruiting them to join his team. Rejection was his breakfast, lunch and dinner. He was a hard-working salesman. His Dreams were his motivation. He worked very hard day and night every single day just to survive without knowing what is going to happen to his life the following day. He trained himself that he would not stop until he reach his daily target, talking, presenting his business to a minimum of 3 strangers a day and selling his products.

For almost 2 years, Jonathan results was horrible, his sales income was only P1,500 a week (thats around $30). Most of the time, he had to walk 10 kilometers just to meet his clients. He will also never forget those years that his daily budget is only P10 - P15. Sometimes, he asked himself if he is still doing things right. Few months after, their company shut down leaving Jonathan with the problem of not knowing that he’s going to do next. But the skills and habits that he developed are still inside of him. So he looked for another income opportunity.

July of 2011, Jonathan joined another networking marketing company. He applied all the skills and knowledge that he learned from the past. He committed to himself that whatever it takes, he will push himself beyond the limitations and he is committed to SUCCEED!

Finally, December of 2011, after 5 months of hard work, everything started to change. All his efforts has been rewarded. He started to earn P20,000 a week, P50,000 a week to even P200,000 a week. He was very proud back then. He proved to  himself that all things are possible. But another storm has arrived. March of 2012, their company shut down. All his dreams disappeared. It was like a bubble. He was devastated. His income stopped. He spent all his savings. He had nothing left in his bank account. He was broke and have debts to pay.

He needed to look again for another opportunity. In 2013 he entered another network marketing company. He did the same thing, applied the same skills, succeeded. But 2015, the company shut down again. “What a miserable life I had.”, he said. The same year, he realized that nothing is happening to what he’s doing so he decided to end his business and entrepreneurship career.

March of 2015, Jonathan and his family decided to move abroad to try our luck. His mom sold their house and used the money as their starting fund to start a new life outside the Philippines knowing that could easily recover from downfalls. It wasn’t easy for them since they don’t know what are they going to do next and they don’t know how to start. Jonathan applied for a job, started to submit resumes from one establishment to another establishment, but no one’ was calling him for a job interview. 

Then one night, while his mom and his sisters were outside their hotel room looking for a restaurant,  there were two guys who accidentally asked his mom for a restaurant location. Jonathan’s mom said that she didn’t know since its her first time in Hong Kong and they are also looking for a place to dine. So they decided to look together. Moving forward, they started to talk about a lot of things and when Jonathan’s mom started to ask, “What are you doing here in Hong Kong?” They responded that they have a cryptocurrency and exchange launching there the same day. And guess what, they are one of the big bosses of that company. 

When her mom returned to the hotel where they were staying, she asked Jonathan if he knew about cryptocurrency. It’s his first time to hear that. Out of curiosity, Jonathan started to research about it. That was the first day he gathered informations about crypto. But when he first heard about bitcoin or cryptocurrency, he had doubts about it specially when he heard that this is a kind of money called “VIRTUAL CURRENCY”, a currency that you cannot hold in your hands. But because he want to learn more about it, Jonathan and his mom joined a network marketing company that was into cryptocurrency to learn the foundation of this technology. While they were with that company, he also looked for people on social media who knew about this.

Searching the exact informations about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency was very challenging. During those years that he was searching for right answers, he encountered a lot of difficulties. Jonathan’s first challenge was that no one is teaching this in his own language which is Tagalog. Most of them are foreigners. The second challenge was some of these people who understand how it works don’t have a SYSTEM. When he asked them some questions, they are just giving a lot of information that makes his mind overloaded. And the third worst experience was, while he found some people who totally understand about it, most of them are geeks and are not socially oriented individuals. They don’t want to share what they knew because they don’t really care. That day, he told himself that if no one wants to help him and guide him, he will do it himself.

But he knew one thing, that time will come, people will easily understand the benefit of this and they will engage in it.

Year 2015-16 were his worst years. He lost a lot by doing so many mistakes in his trading activities. Jonathan remembered the time he created his first bitcoin wallet and transferred coins from a wrong wallet address. He also remembered the first time he created his first crypto trading account because he wanted to learn how the crypto trading works. But It didn’t stop him from reaching his goals. His failures pushes him to do more and to learn more.

The same year, because Jonathan was very excited to learn more about it, he also organized small talks to share the beauty of cryptocurrency to his relatives and friends. He believe that in order for you to deepen your knowledge, you should share what you know to others. But those years, no one believed what he’s sharing because its something new to the public.

Jonathan didn’t stop to what he was teaching. He looked for the best mentors in the same field. Because of this technology, in combination with commitment, courage, determination and his passion, he was able to give himself a time freedom and a financial freedom that everyone dreamed about.

January of 2017, when Jonathan finally understood and succeeded in creating successful profitable results because of the methodologies that he learned through a lot of trial and errors, he asked his girlfriend if she will support his advocacy to share his knowledge with others in a bigger mission and vision, to create well-trained disciplined, long term, consistently profitable traders and investors in the volatile world of cryptocurrency and to create a new breed of successful entrepreneurs using the power of the internet that will contribute to economic growth and development.

Being an educator, a trainer, a public speaker and an entrepreneur, it wasn’t very easy to Jonathan but because its his passion to share what he learned through his experience, he’s very excited to become an instrument of change for peoples lives.

As a blockchain and cryptocurrency advocate, in February of 2017, Jonathan created an academy called CRYPEX Academy. CRYPEX came from the word CRYPtocurrency EXchange. He created different training programs, basic and advanced courses so that he can teach and share his knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency trading and investing together with his girlfriend and his team. They started their seminars with a few attendees, from 5 attendees, to now hundreds and even thousands of attendees. He have been also invited to local and international conventions as one of the keynote speakers. One of our challenges is that people have different point of views when it comes to the topic about Money. But those challenges didn’t stop them from getting where they are today. The Philippines is a late bloomer country when it comes to technology compared to Japan, US and other countries. But because of the people who trusted them and who became part of their journey, their advocacy has successfully reached thousands of people across the globe.

They knew that they have just started. They have just reached their first year and they are looking forward to bigger goals. As Jonathan said, “Alone I cannot make it but because of the people who keep supporting and believing us, we can make things bigger and we can achieve things together."