Meet Jonathan Tinoco

Jonathan Tinoco is an educator, a trainer, a public speaker, a cryptocurrency advocate and investor whose advocacy is people empowerment and wealth creation.  He has provided sales and motivational training to various companies through the years but, for the last 4 years, Jonathan has concentrated on cryptocurrency trading and investing, and made more than 10,000% profit in less than a year.

He is the CEO and Founder of CRYPEX Academy, whose aim is to teach people how they can participate and profit from the growing cryptocurrency market.  CRYPEX Academy has already turned out graduates who have gone on to have consistent and profitable trading results in cryptocurrency using the techniques he taught and today, he aims to entice you to take that first step. He loves to travel the world and he is very passionate to share with you his experience.

List of Seminars

Cryptocurrency Investors Bootcamp 2018 

Mastering the Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading and Investing

Learn the Smart Way to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

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    Learn the Foundation and the Basics of Cryptocurrency
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    The 5 step formula that can greatly increase your chances of having winning trades even ifyou just have basic or little knowledge at the moment
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    Master the Art of Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing
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    Step by step guidelines on how to set up your bitcoin wallet and how to buy bitcoins.
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    Create your personal trading account and start trading
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    The Top 10 Most Profitable "Cryptocurrency Money Machines"

Meet the People Who Have Inspired Me in my Journey

Robert Kiyosaki

Peng Joon

John Mcafee

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